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Established in January 2016, ALTAN offers items which are high quality, fun, colourful, wearable and made to last.

Our beautifuly soft 100% Mongolian cashmere shawls are presented in their original colours in our Organic Range and also teamed with unique prints in our Nature Range offering diversity and choice for our customers.

For each collection we collaborate with artists from various artistic backgrounds such as photography, street art and digital art to create prints which are totally unique and limited edition with a specific theme.


At ALTAN we believe that no act of kindness is too small and it is an important part of our brand to continually impact the world in a positive and uplifting way. With this ethos in mind, we are proud to support The Christina Noble Children's Foundation, who do incredible work to help and support vulnerable children in Vietnam and Mongolia.We also offer, bespoke custom made 100% cashmere shawls with your desired image made to order.

ALTAN is proud to use only the finest quality raw material sourced locally in Mongolia, and processed using the highest technology and great local expertise. This ensures our beautiful designs are printed without the fine fiber getting damaged and the colour does not fade away with usage and cleaning.

Mongolia, land of the Eternal Blue Sky has boundless steppes of nomadic land which once were the centre of the biggest empire in the world. There, temperatures range from +50 in the Summer to -40 in the Winter and with a population of nearly 3million people and land 3 times the size of France, Mongolia is a land of traditions that usher people to live in accordance with nature.

Being able to live in harmony with the surrounding environment is one of the reasons Mongolian nomads are able to survive and even thrive in one of the most hostile climates in the world. It's believed that every living thing, as well as inanimate objects in nature have spirits, so they are treated with respect and care at all times.


This incredible way of thinking encourages people to preserve the nature as it is, wild and free. ​Mongolian semi-domesticated goats (Aegagrus Hircus) are incredibly adapted to the fluctuating weather, they produce one of the finest and rarest cashmere. Climatic conditions forced the goats to evolve into resilient survivors. Downy underfleeces, covered by rougher guard hair, of Mongolian Hircus goats provide warmth by trapping air inside tiny spaces within the fibers which is a perfect insulation from cold.



Far from oceans, high in altitude and chilled by the Siberian atmosphere from the north, Mongolia is dry and extremely cold during Winter. This harsh climate is the reason why the Hircus goats put on their best natural coats known as cashmere. ​


In March when the cold season is over goats shed their fleece. This is when our manufacturer's representatives journey through the vast landscapes to gather precious fibres from the local herders. During summer the herd moves around the land freely, grazing the most fertile grasslands while being guarded by the nomadic herders of Mongolia. The pasture land itself is 100% natural and free of pesticides.


A brief information about The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation*

The Christina Noble Children's Foundation, was set up by Irish children's rights campaigner, charity worker and writer Christina Noble in 1989. CNCF is an international partnership of people dedicated to serving children in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training and job placement, as well as children at risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

The Foundation seeks to maximize the potential of each child. This is accomplished within the context of the family and the community whenever possible and always with love and respect for the dignity of each child as an individual. CNCF currently operates in Mongolia and Vietnam, making immeasurable positive difference in millions of children' lives and ALTAN is delighted support its cause.


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