What is a member?


Our members are also your Early Adopters, so they will be the first people to put in the money behind your idea but also may be your toughest customers. They expect quality, delivery on your promise and actual product or service which you want to release into the world. They will also be your champions and probably your toughest critics, so make sure you are ready to face the challenge!

What is an Early-Adopter


Are the first to try new ideas, products and services.

As an early adopter or early customer of a company, product, or technology; you are regarded as an opinion leader and trendsetter. You are willing to make early financial commitment to try new hardware items, programs or new versions of existing programs before any of your peers.

What is an Entrepreneur?


A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products. An Entrepreneur is the one to introduce new idea or a project into life to create interest and support from the crowd. The Entrepreneur is also often referred to as the creator in the context of this site

What is a Business Angel?


An affluent individual who is willing to provide support, expertise and / or capital for a business start-up, in exchange for rewards or equity ownership.

What is a Mentor?


An experienced and trusted adviser who is willing to help support less experienced entrepreneurs to make big ideas happen.

What is an Organisation?


An organized group of people who work together in an organized way for a shared purpose, such as a private business or public interest organization.

What is the role of a Business Angel?


Individuals with considerable amount of business and investing expertise that are able to support and fund projects that may have commercial viability to achieve scale and market traction. These individuals should be willing to put in time and resources as well as investment to see these projects through to market success. Each project should aim to attract at least 2-4 Angel investors who are willing to commercially invest into an opportunity.

What is the role of a Mentor?


Mentors can take part on our platform to help guide and support Entrepreneurs on Crowd Velocity to help build sustainable businesses that can achieve stability and good on-going business practices. To ensure entrepreneurs are motivated and guided to achieve their project objectives. We are here to provide the platform to do that by supporting the cause of entrepreneurship and collaboration.

What is the role of an Organisation?


Organisations can now support early stage businesses and entrepreneurial ideas by committing to support by way of resources or funds to the projects on our site. This is good practice for businesses and organisations that want to give back to the start-up community and help them grow and succeed.

Where do Early-Adopters come from?


The majority of initial funding usually comes from the fans and friends of each project. If they like it, they'll spread the word to their friends, and so on. Press, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the Crowd Velocity members themselves are also big sources of traffic and pledges.

What do funders get in return?


Backers that support a project on Crowd Velocity get an inside look at the creative process, and help that project come to life. They also get to choose from a variety of unique rewards offered by the project creator. Rewards vary from project to project, but often include a copy of what is being produced or an experience unique to the project.

Project creators keep 100% ownership of their work, and Crowd Velocity cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans.

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