As a platform we will carry out basic due diligence process that should provide some quality assurance to the rest of the community. We will do our best to ensure genuine intentions and activity where possible. However as a funder you should also carry out own due diligence and assessment of every project and individual you are intending to do business with.

In every user profile you can find basic information about that person or organisation. You can also see any of their live feed activities. You may also be able to find additional resources, like links to websites, relevant background information, and in some cases links to their other social profiles.

If a profile contains Verified Member Badge - This person has been verified by our own internal identity verification process.

Looking for more information? Read through the description and watch the video to get a better sense of the person or team behind the project.

Perhaps you can find someone on the platform who had previous dealings with the projects creators, founders, investors or even members. Our community is designed for easy communication between different parties to open truly collaborative and open sourced environment for ideas and businesses to grow.

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