How to raise crowdfunding to launch your idea into velocity?
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We provide support and mentoring for entrepreneurs and those looking to start crowd-funding project

Here is how we can help


We run monthly workshops and online webinars on various toppics providing you with guidance and advice from industry experts, mentors and other professionals. Our webinars are free to attend and are available online. All our upcoming events are featured within our community platform and via social media. 

Mentoring Programme

Our crowdfunding programme

We offer 5 stage crowdfunding mentoring programme to our members and those looking to start crowd-funding project 

Strategy 10%
Pitch Preparation 25%
Rewards and Video 50%
Marketing and PR 75%
Launch 100%

Funding models & community rewards

Donations based crowdfunding is perfect to raise awarness about social project and raise money for positive social impact projects and ideas. Some projects may not have a specific rewards or a product they are building but instead will be putting the money or donations to work to make a social impact. 

We strongly support ethical, sustainable, social and positive projects that are making an impact to local communities or tackles global problems with simple solutions. 


Re-ccurring payment option is available for our projects and members to subscribe to if they want to support. Rewards may be offered in return for on-ongoing donations or business may offer subcription model rewards. 

 Some of our projects are perfect for re-occuring payment model and thus creating an ongoing relationship between the project and their backer. Also ensuring a steady flow of revenue to the project. This way enabling for projects to build their customer base through subcription based crowdfunding. 

Rewards based crowdfunding focuses on funding projects that is able some sort of reward for their backers. It may be a pre-sale of you product or limited print or exclusive access as an early backer. 

Social credits are rewarded to our community memebers for participation in projects and contributing the the overall community. This encourages for more activity, collaborations and relations being formed between our community memebers.

Social ceedits may be earned by sharing projects, supporting campaigns, joinning groups, participating in discussions, making friends and creating own groups or projects. 

Social credits may be later exchnaged for specific rewards via the community platform. 

Sustainable Fashion

Subscription Boxes

Wearable Tech

Sports Wear

Film / Documentaries

Social Projects


Our community platform is a living ecosystem of entrepreneurs doing great things, launching new projects, supporting various causes and helping each other achieve success in business. If you share a passion for starting small and growing ideas into great projects or businesses, we would like you to join our community platform. 

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