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You can share and promote your campaign within the community and beyond. As you grow you can show the market confidence and validation for your idea.

Idea validation 
Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity to test and refine your ideas. As early adopters begin to express interest and ask questions, you’ll quickly see if there’s a demand in your product or an idea. 

Community Support
Is an invaluable resource to any start-up or entrepreneur. For an idea to accelerate into reality it needs velocity generated by the crowd. 


About us

CrowdVelocity is a community of entrepreneurs, investors, early adopters and project leaders working together to crowdfund great ideas. We provide an ecosystem for great ideas to come life and develop into businesses. 

We provide entrepreneurs a platform to launch ideas and develop own engaged audience. We work together with our entrepreneurs to help them to go from start of initial concept development, to campaign launch and funding.
 From concept to launch and actual product development, entrepreneurs can find all the help needed here.

Together we can develop new innovative ideas and solutions to problems in collaborative way. We have various groups, that represents the current landscape of start-ups, innovation and new project ideas. 

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