About Fee Uhssi Ethical Luxury and Art Of Fashion Wrapping

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is fashion made with Love supporting sustainability and self-empowerment.

Art of Fashion Wrapping by Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is a fashion line offering high quality products designed with love and produced ethically. The range offers versatile garments and accessories offering many style possibilities to create a timeless and classy sustainable wardrobe.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is all about Empowerment and making a positive change within the fashion industry and in the world!

We offer clothing and accessories made with love and aiming to empower their wearer while we empower people who are working and producing our products with a special focus on women and creating work and business opportunities for women.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is aiming to raise awareness about human rights and environmental issues within the fashion and textile industry through spreading the concept of Ethical luxury fashion and ethical luxury living. Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is working in partnership with Bolono Mali Charity to promote and preserve traditional work and culture in textile by using natural and ecofriendly materials and techniques.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury promotes self-love and self-empowerment through challenging the dictates of the fashion industry by offering bespoke and unique personalised clothing and adaptable to all sizes and body shapes, promoting natural beauty, representing the beauty of cultural diversity.

The People behind the brand

Fée Uhssi is a French-Nigerian London based entrepreneur who was born and raised in Paris and has been living in London for 10 years.

Raised in a very artistic and multicultural family, with a franco-german artist and designer mother and a franco-nigerian actor and musician father, Fee Uhssi always had a passion for art, fashion, styling and textiles and others cultures with a special interest and love for African culture inspired by her Nigerian origins. She developed an expertise in African arts, fashion and textiles.

With a strong background in communications and PR, and event management, Fée Uhssi is an enthusiast mompreneur who is also very involved in her community.  Since 2010 Fée Uhssi has also been organising and taking part in fashion, charity and community events in London, Paris and Bamako to not only showcase her work but also promote other upcoming ethical designers and to promote natural beauty, body confidence, self-love and self-empowerment and offer a platform for aspiring models, makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists, event assistant manager…

As a woman and a mother of 4 with twins, she had to overcome many obstacles to fulfill her dreams. Positive thinker and humanist, Fée Uhssi is passionate about empowering people and especially women! She is aiming to inspire women to love and believe in themselves. Through her work, she is aiming to fight against discrimination, poverty, violence and crime and provide alternative solution to establish ethical, fair trade and positive practices.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury has been created by Fée Uhssi and is also the fruit of a collaboration with her mother French artist and designer based in Bamako Mali who founded the charity Bolono Mali aiming to preserve and promote natural local cotton and traditional textiles design techniques using natural and eco-friendly materials. Bolono Mali Charity was founded to support local artists and craftsmen and women and promote education and business development in Africa.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury and Bolono Mali are working in synergy and are the fruits of a mother and daughter business. Kati Ertel and Fée Uhssi are working closely, while Kati is based in Mali and is actively working on training local artists and producing textiles and products for Fée Uhssi and for the Bolono collection, Fée produces in UK her garments with local ethical studios and manage the business and communication side of Bolono Mali charity.

Fée Uhssi is aiming to focus on supporting and empowering women through producing her designs and products. In UK Fée has been working with Heba women project and organisation supporting Asian women and providing education and job opportunities with a sewing production studio based in Brick Lane East London.

In Mali Kati and Fée have launched the Muso project or women project to offer training and job opportunities to local women who have still nowadays very poor access to education and employment.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is fundraising to be able to maintain and grow the Muso project and extend collaborations with similar organisations in other country in Africa, the money will go into developing a local clothing studio in good working conditions, allowing women to feed their families and send their children to school. Work locally, growing organically. Offering fair wage.

About the products

Fee Uhssi Ethical Luxury’s products are produced ethically and in limited editions using high quality ethical and bespoke textiles and fabrics.

The fabrics used are the center of the creative and design process and are at the heart of the story and the ethical vision and identity of the brand.

Mud cloth or traditionally called Bogolan is a traditional textile technique from Mali using natural dyes made from plants and mud to hand paint on the cotton cloth. The Bogolan process is not only completely natural and ecofriendly, it is a traditional Art part of the African art patrimony which is unfortunately become very rare.

The Art of Bogolan is one of those traditional textiles techniques which deserve to be preserved and promoted, it is one brilliant alternative solution to offensive polluting textiles production.

Fée Uhssi also sources and uses other traditional and modern African textiles locally made which helps supporting local small businesses and artists.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury’s Art of Fashion Wrapping range offers a line of wraps and the Wrap Me Up clothing collection.

Fée Uhssi has nurtured and developed a passion and expertise for wraps and art of wrapping inspired by her west African origins.

The idea of Art of Fashion wrapping concept came naturally to Fée Uhssi as she started to collect high quality, precious handmade and vintage fabrics and was unable yet to decide what to make out of them, and not wanting to cut them up.

Fée Uhssi studied and researched on different forms of art of wrapping and draping from different countries, cultures, civilisations. She spent hours playing, sculpting with fabrics and practicing draping and wrapping. She created different techniques of wrapping, draping and knotting to create an impressive range of different outfits including tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, head wraps, belts, bags. She incorporated the Art of Wrapping from Africa with the Art of Wrapping from Japan and was able to produce versatile and ephemeral garments that have endless possibilities, which are unique in every way.

She then came out with idea of the Wrap Me Up collection, a clothing capsule collection offering 9 multifunction pieces that can be worn in many different ways offering many different style possibilities. Revisited every season with new prints, colors and textures and available made to order and bespoke.

The wraps line and the Wrap Me Up collection offer versatile accessories and garments which allow many different styles options and therefore aiming to last in a wardrobe to promote slow fashion.

Each product has its own identity, it has an individual inspiration. Each garment is named after a Goddess and has its own story. Each story has the purpose to inspire and empower.

Fee Uhssi Ethical luxury designs are really the fruit of a tight collaboration between Europe and Africa with production based locally both in UK and Mali.

Fee Uhssi’s designs are made with Love with high quality materials to last and bring you joy and comfort for many years. The Art of Fashion wrapping line and the Wrap Me Up collection have been designed to offer many different style possibilities, so you can wear them and love them over and over and they will love you back!

More than just clothing we offer styling consultations with any made to order or bespoke order. Fée Uhssi offers garment that fit you, your style, your silhouette, your personality etc.. by using colour therapy, body shape expertise and a positive approach, Fée Uhssi is creating garments to empower.

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury offers clothing. Wraps and accessories for Women who wants to be loved, appreciated and empowered and who want to feel beautiful naturally, while feeling comfortable and free to move, women who love fashion and style and request quality, originality and transparency in terms of production and materials, and are finding satisfaction in supporting a good cause.

The Wrap Me Up collection and Art Of Fashion Wrapping line have been designed with women of power, busy and always on the go joggling between many lives as mothers, business women, women of power, humanitarians… Women who work hard and play hard!

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury’s designs have been well received by the public and showcased in many fashion shows in UK and France and featured in magazines in France, Uk, Nigeria, Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, USA etc…

The Wrap Me Up collection and the handmade jewelry line has seduced many personalities and women of power such as Naomi Sessay renowned personal development and wealth coach, International Singer Yarah Bravo, Dorcas Gwata Media Presenter and awarded humanitarian, TV Actress Carmen Rose, Eastenders actress Ellen Thomas to name a few…

Fee Uhssi is highly grateful and humbled by the amazing support and feedbackshe received from customers and the ethical fashion industry. She has been supported and featured and consulted as an ethical fashion expert by leading organisations such the Ethical Fashion Forum, Africa Fashion Guide, Fashion Africa Conference,Fashion Revolution

We offer exclusive and high quality products made to last at a very affordable and competitive price. As Fee Uhssi is directly involved in not only creating and making the garment but sourcing, designing, producing material and textiles, the Art Of Fashion Wrapping range and the Wrap Me Up capsule collection offer exclusive bespoke and limited edition prints including traditional and modern African print, floral, geometrical and abstract prints, and an amazing range of colours such as natural indigo blue, red, green, brown, terra cotta, yellow, kaki, black and a rich variety of designs made of high quality and natural fabrics.

The definition of ethical Luxury is to produce well-made and durable high quality products while respecting the environment and empowering the people involved in the production chain to offer durable beautiful and loveable products.

Our Vision

Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury’s vision and aim is to make a positive change for Ethical Fashion to become the only Fashion by promoting eco-friendly, sustainable and fair trade practices while empowering people by promoting self-love and confidence, and create positive opportunities.

The vision and aim is to become not just a leading fashion label but a platform to support a vision of a better fashion and spread values of respect and love for individuals and the environment with the launch of new innovative website offering online boutique and blog offering styling advices, wrapping tutorials, and self-empowerment techniques to inspire our customers to nurture self-love and a positive and healthy approach to life.

Fée Uhssi’s vision is to work with retailers promoting ethical fashion and conscious consuming to be able to distribute in many different part of the world and build a sustainable ethical business network.

while giving access to FeeUhss’s styling tips and wrapping techniques and empowering methods via the artoffashionwrapping.com website with a blog aiming to inspire women to love themselves unconditionally.

Why we are fundraising

We are fundraising to be able to grow and expand the business and to serve the demand that is already there and continually growing.

We are crowdfunding to firstly launch our online boutique artoffashionwrapping.com giving also access to Fée Uhssi’s styling tips and wrapping techniques and empowering with a blog aiming to inspire women to love themselves unconditionally!

Secondly, we want to be able to develop infrastructure, increase our production capacity, by being able to offer employment and expand collaborations.

So far, Fée Uhssi’s products were only available directly by order or at private sales and pop ups boutiques. We are aiming to be more accessible and being able to satisfy the demand by selling online and in designer shops all over the world.

Fee Uhssi is aiming to work with retailers promoting ethical fashion and conscious consuming to be able to distribute in many different part of the world, while giving access to Fée Uhssi’s styling tips and wrapping techniques and empowering methods via the artoffashionwrapping.com website with a blog aiming to inspire women to love themselves unconditionally.

We are aiming to set up a production studio in Mali as part of our Bolono Mali Charity project and grow our women project to be able to create more job and business opportunities locally.

We are planning to expand collaboration with likeminded ethical fashion and textiles organisations in other countries in Africa and all over the world to be able to develop and to diversify our ranges and offer new high quality and affordable ethical products.

We are looking forward to also satisfy the demand from gentlemen and children with launching our Men and children collections

By multiplying collaborations all over the world we will be able to support local projects and to promote the valorisation of handmade work and traditional textiles techniques.

And because it is all about Love, it is all about giving back. Fée Uhssi Ethical Luxury is aiming to become a one of a kind company where employees will be encouraged and supported to pursue their dreams. Over the pasts few years, Fée Uhssi had the pleasure to be able to work with amazing young ladies through offering internships and mentoring programs and is aiming to be able to offer long term employment to build an innovative and powerful team and bridge social and ethnical gaps while giving opportunity to young people as they are the future.

Fee Uhssi is aiming to work with retailers promoting ethical fashion and conscious consuming to be able to distribute in many different part of the world, while giving access to Fée Uhssi’s styling tips and wrapping techniques and empowering methods via the artoffashionwrapping.com website with a blog aiming to inspire women to love themselves unconditionally.

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