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People are living longer these days, that's a fact. But are they living happier? Do they still feel independent, secure and respected? Why, after a certain age do they so often end up surrendering their freedom and their lifestyle.

Wristo helps seniors and the vulnerable make the most of life while still enjoying their independence. The Wristo Smartwatch and caregiver app and portal, is an ecosystem allowing for 24/7 connectivity between a senior and their caregivers – wherever they are.

Old is the new Young

When we're growing up, our parents take care of us. Now, as they grow older, it's our turn to take care of them – but how do we do that when, unlike childhood, we no longer live under the same roof? How can we make sure they get the care they deserve and the support they need? Put them in a care home? Hire a 24/7 nurse? Make them wear a panic button around their neck? For many of our parents, this is not an option – they simply feel too young for this!

Care when wanted. Help when needed.

Most senior people don’t want a stranger around them 24/7 – and yet sometimes help may come in handy. Wristo helps us to help them in the most discreet way.

  • Is their memory not as great as it used to be? – Wristo will gently remind them to take medications and help find misplaced things.
  • Do they sometimes feel unsafe and vulnerable? – Wristo will call for help whenever needed.
  • Do they get confused or can’t find their way home? – Wristo will identify their location in seconds.
  • Worried about their health and wellbeing? – Wristo will monitor their activity and heart rate and will let you know if there's a reason to worry.

Just tell Wristo what to do and it will take care of it!

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Keeping it Simple

How does Wristo work? Wristo is simply a smartwatch worn by a senior person. It is connected to a portal and a mobile app used by the caregiver, who receives updates, notifications and alerts about the senior person's wellbeing and location. Wristo has its own SIM card so the senior doesn’t need a smartphone – it works everywhere!

No Need to be Tech Savvy

Unlike with other pieces of technology, any senior user of Wristo doesn't need to learn how to use complex features, apps and buttons. Wristo is designed to be user-friendly, with all the settings and monitoring set by the caregiver meaning the wearer doesn't need to worry.

A Product Developed By Its Users

Everyone on our team has elderly parents and relatives who live thousands of miles away. Wristo is not just a product developed for the users. It is a product developed by the users.

Having our own parents in mind, over the past two years we have worked to understand how this product can really make a difference, what it should look like, and what it should be capable of. We talked with potential users and compared success stories and failures of other products currently used by the elderly and their caregivers.

As a result, we've ensured Wristo's standout-features answer the challenges of modern life in the most accurate way:

  • Autonomous and mobile – works everywhere
  • Discreet and not stigmatising
  • Easy to use – no need to be tech savvy
  • Provides connectivity with seniors – via messages and reminders

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Our Aim

This project will help to make the lives of hundreds and thousands of elderly and vulnerable people across the world more fulfilling. We count on your support in making it happen!

We are aiming to raise £30 000 to complete the next stage of development of the Wristo software. This stage will include:

  • portal development and testing
  • prototype version of the mobile app
  • securing remaining development funding ahead of launch.

As the first Wristo users, you and your loved ones will help us in our pioneering journey to change the lives of those receiving care. We're counting on your financial support.

Take a closer look at Wristo

Wristo Watch details:

  • X1 smartwatch produced by Sanhuan Industrial Co for Wristo brand
  • Equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, Accelerometer, Gyrostat, heart rate monitor, SIM card
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • Battery life up to 72 hours depending on usage
  • Warranty: 6 months

Wristo Portal 






Product Development Plan

Development of some features essential to a specific stage can be brought forward to an earlier stage or delayed, depending on resource and technology availability as well as feedback from the field. 

Stage 1: Expected timing September 2017 – April 2018 (pre- first commercial launch)

Based on consumer research mentioned earlier, we have ranked the features of the Wristo Ecosystem. The following features are being developed already at this stage, as they are seen as essential for our target audience:

  • Emergency contact button – enabling voice connection with the caregiver or a designated 3rd party call centre
  • Senior's GPS location – transmitted to the caregiver’s web portal or mobile devices in case of Panic button activation or anytime on demand
  • Calendar notification & reminders – set by caregiver and sent to the senior’s watch
  • Multi-user access – from one, to a team or family of several
  • Off the shelf hardware – X1 from Sanhuan Industrial Co LTD, with bespoke software to enable the above features
  • Easy-to-use settings – enabled by the watch, the web portal or through the mobile app

This is the minimum set of features required for product testing and launch. Depending on available funding, the following additional features can be added at this stage:

  • Daily Activity tracker (steps counter)
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sending text Messages to the watch

Stage 2: First commercial launch

The feedback from consumers and particularly field tests at stage 1 will be used to debug and improve the software, however no additional features will be added at this stage.

The first commercial system will have the following features:

  • Emergency contact button with voice connection
  • GPS location
  • Calendar notification & reminders
  • Off the shelf hardware (X1 from Sanhuan Industrial Co LTD)
  • Daily Activity tracker (steps counter)
  • Heart rate monitoring (pending test results)
  • Messages sent to the watch
  • Emergency contact call centre (optional feature – on demand)

Stage 3: System upgrade 6 to 12 months after launch

The following features can be added at this stage:

  • Fall sensor
  • Differentiated Web portal / mobile App interface for B2B & B2C

At this stage, in addition to the above, “Internet of Things” peripheral devices will be added to the ecosystem:

  • “Find things” feature – helping seniors find essential items such as glasses, keys etc. using Bluetooth beacons attached to them
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth enabled Blood Pressure meters – the senior will receive an automated reminder to measure their blood pressure (or just measure it whenever they need), and the reading will be transmitted via Bluetooth to the Wristo watch and then to the cloud database. Should the readings reach certain limits, the caregiver will be notified.
  • Bluetooth connection to home units – such as heating systems and fire alarms so the caregiver can be notified in case of fire or if the senior care receiver has forgotten to switch on heating etc.

About us

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Invest 1200 GBP or more

Wristo watch with lifelong subscription to the Wristo service

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Wristo watch with 1 year subscription to the Wristo service

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Early bird 50% discount for 1 year Wristo service worth £180

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Invest 50 GBP or more

Early bird 25% discount for 1 year of Wristo service worth £90

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Invest 20 GBP or more

"Old is the new Young" t-shirt with Wristo logo

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"Old is the new Young" wristband with Wristo logo
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